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Safety Satisfaction

While innovation and speed are major components of how we operate, everything we create is engineered for safety. Because in today’s oilfield, it pays to capitalize on every opportunity to reduce exposure to unnecessary safety hazards.

Edge Rental Units Improve Safety By:


Versatile Applications

The unit sets up alongside the pipe rack – enabling a single man to load or unload joints of pipe. It’s built to adapt from catwalk or ground-level and can even be operated in tight locations. The unit can accomplish fast and precise delivery of pipe to and from the rig floor and is able to pick up and lay down pipe on both the left and right sides of the unit without changing the position of the unit.

Remote Control Operation

The 4-joystick controls are visible, comfortable, and allow the unit to be remotely operated. The joysticks provide precise control of the unit, ensuring that operation is done in a safe, smooth movement to and from the rig floor.


Our Poleless Tubular Pick-up and Lay Down (PAL) Units are engineered for safety and efficiency in handling tubular movement operations. In addition to adding safety to the project, our units have a world-renowned reputation of increasing onsite productivity and lowering costs.

Unit Specifications

Unit Footprint :- 7 Ft. x 24 Ft.

Reach Heights From Base :- 18 – 34 Ft.

Weight of Unit :- 11,500 Lbs.

Power Pack is Built into the Unit

Tubular Handling Capacity

2 1/16” Tubing to 7” Casing

4 ¾” Drill Collars

Max Lift – 1,900 Lbs.

Steel, Chrome, and Coated Pipe

Our unit can be pulled with any goose neck truck. No CDL is required.

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